The industry’s first completely flexible version of wheel stabilization for transporting your motorcycle. Gone are the old style fixed wheel chocks. CHOCK-STYX give you the flexibility of putting your wheel wherever you want it, instead of having to place it in a hard mounted fixed frame. No more screw holes or hard fasteners protruding from your floor or truck bed. Rearrange the placement and adjust the quantity of bikes you carry at any given time. CHOCK-STYX solves the problem of having to place your bike where the tie hooks or hard mounted chocks dictate – you can now choose any configuration for your bikes, in any location you choose – it holds your bike wherever you put it. This feature is especially appreciated in toy box type haulers, where there never seem to be enough hooks, or the placement just doesn’t seem to fit your layout.  To use, simply place one CHOCK-STYX block in front of the front tire and pull tight with a tie down. Your bike is now held securely exactly where you want it! When you arrive at your favorite spot, unload your bikes and stack the CHOCK-STYX for later use. No need to trip over hard mounted old style chocks, or drill additional holes in the floor of your expensive toy hauler or truck. CHOCK-STYX means total flexibility in how and where you put your bikes, and leaves you with more room to pack other essentials.

CHOCK-STYXThe original answer to motorcycle stability with no hassle!